wedding day makeup 2015

wedding day makeup 2015, 1. hire a professional make-up artist. A professional make-up artist bridal makeup to understand how it would look with the camera flashes or particular lighting conditions, so trust me one to ensure the perfect look for the camera. 2. remember the color of your dress take into account you want your […]

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arabic eye makeup 2015

arabic eye makeup 2015, Arabic makeup is known for a dramatic look. Arabic make up look involves a dramatic eye. This is usually done by using several complementary eye shadow and blend their top layers. This results in view of life. Eyeliner is then used to provide a dramatic contrast with the color of eyeshadow. […]

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dinair airbrush makeup 2015

dinair airbrush makeup 2015, Think airbrush makeup is only for celebrities, models or the Princess Bride? Think again.Gets the foggy has never been easier or looked this good. Thanks to the Dinair Airbrush Makeup, looking for perfect is no longer a privilege for the few, or backup from special events. “The ‘ perfect ‘ does […]

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famous makeup artists

famous makeup artists, Lisa Butler is a leading make-up artist in the fashion industry. He regularly worked on ad campaigns, catwalk shows, films, fashion and editorial. He is responsible for implementing the design and make-up looks that appeared on the cover and in an editorial from publications such as Vogue Paris, American Vogue, Vogue Italy, […]

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smoky eye makeup 2015

smoky eye makeup 2015, It is autumn here in America. That means the jewel tone trend. So, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and create a smoky eye is the jewel toned. This tutorial will show two jewel tone color; the colors are deep purple and emerald green. This look would look […]

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bridal makeup looks

bridal makeup looks 2015, Well, it is not a secret that the beauty bloggers also wanted to be a makeup artist someday. I, for example, have my goals set for the next year to officially enroll in the school of makeup and officially pursue that career. As a makeup artist, the most common clients to […]

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victoria jackson makeup

victoria jackson makeup, I would like to say that I don’t like to drag my frustration here on this blog, but to be honest I am very disappointed for the so-called international makeup I just bought because it is not only the fact that it claims to be the perfect all in one but above […]

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makeup artist resume

makeup artist resume, Lately I’ve noticed that most beginners makeup artist a little confused about how their resumes will look. I understand the confusion and believe me, I was once in the position. So, to all the aspiring makeup artists beautiful out there who want to know where to start, but don’t quite have all […]

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makeup tutorials for brown eyes

makeup tutorials for brown eyes, Many women ask how Brown eye makeup. In my article today, I would like to try to give the tutorial a simple and natural eye makeup for brown eyes to ideas. If you have brown eyes, it is generally very easy to do make up. Why? because it has Brown […]

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makeup ideas for brown eyes

makeup ideas for brown eyes, Well, what is the secret of brown-eyed beauty makeup? Many people know how to lure to see them! Let’s start with the eyeliner. If you are planning an evening out, should you change into the mystery of the East with the sensual tranquility and softness in your eyes. To the […]

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